UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 Harmonic Filters

UDD406A 3BHE041465P201

D2-08ND3 – 8 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking/sourcing, 1 common (2 common terminals), removable terminal


D2-08TD1 – 8 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking output module, 1 common (2 common terminals), 0.3A/point, 2.4A/module, fused per common (non-replaceable), removable terminal

twork communication (Unicom, Telecom, Mobile)

Support low power consumption mode

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UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 Harmonic Filters

UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 provides an open communication system to connect with PLC or DCS system and can interface with a wide range of communication protocols, the connection can be realized with a simple two-wire system without the need of expensive hardwired connections.UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 inverters all meet IEEE 519-1992 and UK G.5/3 requirements for voltage and current harmonics. This eliminates the need for expensive harmonic filters, and other equipment is free from harmonic interference.

The UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 ensures that the motor is not damaged by common mode voltages, which means that no special motor insulation is required. The electromagnetic shielding used in the inverter cabinet makes it possible for the inverter to work unaffected in environments where there is electromagnetic interference, and at the same time, other equipment is not affected by the electromagnetic fields generated by the inverter.

UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 The open-loop dynamic speed control accuracy of the inverter corresponds to that of an inverter using closed-loop flux vector control. In the ACS 1000, the static speed control accuracy is typically 0.1% to 0.5% of normal speed, which meets the requirements of most industrial sectors. Where higher speed regulation accuracy is required, a pulse encoder can be used. Since the open-loop torque step-up time of the ACS 1000 is less than 10 mS, whereas other flux vector controls without sensors are more than 100 ms, the ACS 1000 can be used for a wide range of applications.