UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 Host Interface Circuit Module

UDD406A 3BHE041465P201

  • High-performance CPU with 50Mb memory, fast scan time
  • Industry-leading 7 communications ports, including built-in local expansion and Ethernet remote I/O ports are standard on the CPU
  • USB Programming and USB Data Logging are resident on the CPU
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UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 Host Interface Circuit Module

Embedded Module UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 provides users with two rows of pin connectors, X1 and X2. X1 connector (50 pins), i.e., the dual-port memory interface, contains the control lines, data lines, and address lines necessary for communicating with the host computer. x2 connector (30 pins), i.e., the fieldbus interface, contains the PROFIBUS signal lines and the LED status indicators. Therefore, when carrying out the software design, the main completion of the driver as well as the application programme.

Embedded Module UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 Interface circuit with host computer. Since the PROFIBUS protocols are all implemented internally by the module, the user application only needs to read/write operations to the dual-port memory through the provided API interface and access methods. The PROFIBUS signal lines are led out through the fieldbus interface, and only a 9-pin D-Sub connector is required on the motherboard, through which the module is connected to the PROFIBUS-DP network. The module also provides an LED status indicator, which can be used to diagnose the communication status of the module by leading the LED signal line out to the motherboard.

Since the UDD406A 3BHE041465P201 has integrated all the necessary circuits to implement the PROFIBUS protocol, it is very simple and convenient to design the peripheral circuits, which are connected similarly to those of an MCU and memory. In this master system, an Ethernet interface is also designed to facilitate remote file downloading. The host interface provided by the embedded module 1C31194G01 is a dual-port memory DPM, which is accessed by user applications through the DPM interface. Meanwhile, in order to improve the real-time and reliability of the whole system, the host system uses Linux, a real-time multitasking operating system.