UFC718AE101 HIEE300936R0101 HIEE410516P201

UFC718AE101 HIEE300936R0101 HIEE410516P201

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UFC718AE101 HIEE300936R0101 HIEE410516P201

The device driver mainly completes the access to the dual-port memory of the embedded module UFC718AE101 HIEE300936R0101 HIEE410516P201, and provides a common driver interface, and the user program accesses the PROFIBUS master embedded module COM-C by calling the interface function. the framework of the Linux device driver is shown in Figure 4. The advantage of this is that if you want to use other types of fieldbus (e.g. DeviceNet, CANopen) embedded module COM-C from Hueiyosu, the Linux device driver does not need to be changed and is directly available.

WebField series control system is UFC718AE101 HIEE300936R0101 HIEE410516P201 to adapt to the development of network technology, especially the development of Internet, Web technology and the introduction of network technology-based control system. The system integrates the latest fieldbus technology, embedded software technology, advanced control technology and network technology, achieving a variety of bus compatible and heterogeneous system integration. All kinds of domestic and foreign DCS, PLC and on-site intelligent devices can be accessed to the WebField series control system to realise the sharing of process control equipment information within the enterprise.

UFC718AE101 HIEE300936R0101 HIEE410516P201 The management information network adopts universal Ethernet technology for information transmission and management at the plant level, and is an information channel for realising comprehensive management of the whole plant. The operation network adopts Fast Ethernet technology to achieve data communication between the server and the client and time synchronisation of the nodes of the operation network in C/S mode. The process control network (SCnetII network) realises the connection between the nodes of the operation station and the control station, completes the transmission and sending of information and control commands, and adopts the dual redundancy design, which makes the transmission of information reliable and high-speed.The I/O bus is the internal communication network of the control station, including the field buses such as SBUS, PROFIBUS, Modbus, DeviceNet, and so on.