UFC721BE101 3BHE021889R0101 Analogue input module

UFC721BE101 3BHE021889R0101

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UFC721BE101 3BHE021889R0101 Analogue input module

UFC721BE101 3BHE021889R0101 A test frame command of one string of characters is issued sequentially by the host computer to the PLC of the net. In order to make full use of the CPU time of the upper computer, the upper computer can be made to work in parallel with the PLC, so that the CPU handles other tasks or threads while the upper computer waits for the PLC to answer the signal.

UFC721BE101 3BHE021889R0101 After receiving a complete frame from the host computer, it first determines whether it is its own code name; if not, it ignores it, and if it does, it sends a call answer signal. After receiving the answer signal, the host computer will compare the data with the data sent for testing, and if both are correct, it will send out a signal that data communication can be carried out, and then transfer to normal data communication, otherwise, it will prompt the user to check the line and re-test or communication failure.

The UFC721BE101 3BHE021889R0101 module has 5 differential analogue voltage inputs and is compliant with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard for WLAN connectivity. With the ubiquity of 802.11 network infrastructures, it will be an easy way to integrate wireless connectivity into monitoring systems. It also supports MODBUS TCP protocol and network encryption configurations, which allows perfect integration with either SCADA software or HMI MODBUS APP, and provides users with convenient and secure monitoring anytime, anywhere.