UFC760BE41 3BHE004573R0041 Differential Signal Conversion Single-Ended Output

UFC760BE41 3BHE004573R0041

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UFC760BE41 3BHE004573R0041 Differential Signal Conversion Single-Ended Output

UFC760BE41 3BHE004573R0041 Based on the future chip and equipment manufacturers are bound to strengthen the construction of the test laboratory, while using more updated test equipment to simulate the actual RF network environment, and test the high stability and scalability of the product and network solution considerations, low price and the function can be flexibly expanded R & D verification tools will have its own market.

The UFC760BE41 3BHE004573R0041 controller executes the signal control procedure of the wireless NIC, and through the card bus, the wireless NIC continuously outputs the Tx signal to be measured. Since the output signals from the card are differential ended (I+, I-, Q+, Q-), but the signal acquisition card we use is a single ended input with two channels, a conversion circuit is needed to complete the process. Differential signal conversion single ended output

UFC760BE41 3BHE004573R0041 The physical layer (PHY) adopts OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) technology, which combines a large number of signals from different frequency carriers into a single signal to complete the signal transmission. Transmission. At the transmitter (Tx, Transmitter), each signal packet (frame) is transmitted before using the inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) to modulate the transmitted signals; then the phase-amplitude signals are taken out by using IQ modulation (I: in-phase, Q: quadrature); and finally, the radio frequency (RF) signals are taken out by using the radio frequency (RF) signals.