UFC911B106 3BHE037864R0106 High Pressure Accuracy Meter

UFC911B106 3BHE037864R0106

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UFC911B106 3BHE037864R0106 High Pressure Accuracy Meter

UFC911B106 3BHE037864R0106 sensor by the float type, float, lever, twist tube formation, support formation. When the measured liquid level, density or interface height changes, the buoyancy of the float changes accordingly, while the lever around the support point up and down to do the circular motion, so that the torsion tube is also rotated, the mandrel also sits in the corresponding angle changes, the rotation angle is about 4 degrees.

UFC911B106 3BHE037864R0106 In the optimized mode state, the magnetic flux of the motor automatically corresponds to the load, which ensures high efficiency and reduces motor noise. Due to the optimization of the magnetic flux, depending on the point of load. The overall efficiency of the motor and drive train is increased by 1% to 10%.

UFC911B106 3BHE037864R0106 high accuracy, generally up to 1% R, 0.5% R, high precision type up to 0.2% R; good repeatability, short-term repeatability of up to 0.05% to 0.2%, it is because of good repeatability, such as frequent calibration or online calibration can be very high accuracy, in the trade settlement is the preferred choice of the flowmeter; output Pulse frequency signals, suitable for total measurement and with computer