UR6CH Wireless Transmission Module


Technical Parameters:

  • Full lineup of 36 discrete, analog and specialty PAC I/O modules
  • Local, Expansion and Remote I/O bases, up to 115,000+ I/O points
  • Auto-discover local and remote PAC bases, I/O and GS drives
  • Hot-swappable I/O, No module placement restrictions, No power budget limitations
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UR6CH Wireless Transmission Module

UR6CH is a wireless data transmission router and a central coordinator for information pooling of multi-node wireless data devices. This product provides the complete Zigbee network for each terminal node with the required networking capability, the central coordinator is the central node of the network, the router completes the relaying and forwarding of information, and the terminal node completes the collection of information and the sending and receiving of commands and execution.

UR6CH can meet the demand for flexible layout when the distance of terminal nodes needs to be adjusted and there is signal blocking in complex sites. Wireless transmission multi-node device can meet the site of multiple wireless node equipment information collection and transmission, which provides a flexible support technology for multi-node sensor field network.

UR6CH for the centre coordinator configuration management software. Customers through the software to complete the system centre coordinator terminal node configuration management and information exchange settings, new and built network terminal nodes can be adjusted by reconfiguring or modifying the configuration can be completed, which provides customers with extremely convenient means of management applications.