VAT 65040-PACV-AYU2 Versatile real-time control


Technical Parameters

◆ Temperature: -25℃~+75℃;

◆ Volume: 63mm×43mm×15 mm (without antenna holder); Weight: 51g;

◆ Interconnection model: JZ88 series products;

◆ Standard antenna: SMA thick whip or small suction cup antenna.

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VAT 65040-PACV-AYU2 Versatile real-time control

The VAT 65040-PACV-AYU2 saves money with a single controller. It has a single controller and chassis for handling digital and analog I/O with motion, vision functions and modular instrumentation, so there is no longer a need to spend money on multiple controllers. Because of this, if there is a need for a control system with multiple functions, such as vision or modular instrumentation, then using a PAC will be the most economical choice.

VAT 65040-PACV-AYU2 energy or material costs are high for process control, engineers often have to optimize PID control algorithms to minimize waste. vat 65040-PACV-AYU2 algorithms often use control design techniques such as fuzzy logic or neural networks, which can minimize the stabilization time of the process control. Time. PID control algorithms implemented in traditional PLCs are not optimized for specific process control, and advanced control algorithms require powerful floating-point processors and a large amount of memory, which can be optimized for process control using PAC platforms.