VIPC616 91611524 0360-1152D Intelligent Ethernet Connection Module

VIPC616 91611524 0360-1152D

Technical Parameters:

  • Advanced instructions and task management boost program speed and efficiency
  • Run-time editing and easy data logging on CPU
  • Tag name database is friendly and flexible, Help File really helps
  • Easy connection to Access, SQL or ODBC databases
  • Import tags into C-more database
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VIPC616 91611524 0360-1152D Intelligent Ethernet Connection Module

VIPC616 91611524 0360-1152D is based on industrial Ethernet fieldbus architecture, integrating HAMS based on HART standard protocol for unified management of on-site intelligent devices, and can easily integrate SIS, PLC, MES, ERP and other systems, so as to enable seamless transmission of information between on-site intelligent instrumentation devices, control systems, and enterprise resource management systems. Achieve factory intelligence, management and control integration.

VIPC616 91611524 0360-1152D system integrates advanced control algorithms platforms for thermal power, chemical industry and other industries, providing in-depth and comprehensive solutions for factory automatic control and enterprise management, thus realising the optimal coordination of the three major objectives of production, equipment and safety, and helping users to realise the smallest whole-life-cycle maintenance cost and the largest return on equipment investment.

VIPC616 91611524 0360-1152D Utilising Power Appliances Modern electronic systems have always been a challenge due to the nonlinear properties of power switches, the connection to continuous subsystems and the design of discrete time controls. Nowadays, simulation studies are also used in more and more complex systems in order to design effective control countermeasures. Examples are renewable energy conversion systems, complete traction systems, etc. In these cases, the actual control of an effective simulation is required.