VMIVME-4150 Plant Management Network


Product Parameter

Support 4-way LAN

Support SIM card adaptive dialling

Support 4G, WIFI, LAN network automatic switching

Support RS232 or RS485

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VMIVME-4150 Plant Management Network

The VMIVME 2540-300 medium- and large-sized PLC system should support a variety of field buses and standard communication protocols (e.g., TCP/IP), and should be able to connect to the factory management network (TCP/IP) when needed. Communication protocols should be in line with ISO/IEEE communication standards, should be an open communication network.

The communication interface of VMIVME-4150 system should include serial and parallel communication interface (RS2232C/422A/423/485), RIO communication port, industrial Ethernet, common DCS interface, etc.; large and medium-sized PLC communication bus (including interface devices and cables) should be configured with 1:1 redundancy, the communication bus should be in line with international standards, and the communication distance should meet the actual requirements of the device.