WOODWARD 5466-409 I/O Unit Power Card

WOODWARD 5466-409

Technical Parameters

◆ Interface: TTL, RS-232, RS-485 by user’s choice;
◆ Transmit and receive as a whole, half-duplex communication, data sending and receiving conversion is completed automatically, as long as the interface to receive / send data, conversion time is short;
◆ Can be used for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, multi-point-to-point and other communication combinations.
◆ Transparent data transmission, can transmit longer data frames;

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WOODWARD 5466-409 I/O Unit Power Card

WOODWARD 5466-409 combines its own long-term scientific research and technological innovation accumulation and its rich experience in engineering applications, through innovation and breakthroughs, continuous improvement, and through the test, formed a high-quality and stable, advanced and practical, friendly and open PlantE5000 centralized distribution control system. The system has been widely used in petrochemical, refining, storage and transportation, chemical, pharmaceutical, iron and steel, energy, building materials, light industry, paper making, environmental protection and other industries. It is characterized by high reliability, open system, powerful functions and easy maintenance.

WOODWARD 5466-409 features.
Power supply module hot standby redundancy, support for dual grid input, over-voltage, over-current protection; control network and system network are dualized redundancy; control module
Dual redundancy, zero switching time, to ensure the continuity of control; no user programming, as long as the configuration can automatically realize the redundant design of configuration
Support module and network self-diagnosis, module can be plugged and unplugged with power, online repair, easy maintenance
Real-time data power-down retention, redundancy check, rapid recovery, to ensure system information security