Woodward 8440-1713 D Slope Generator FB Subroutine

8440-1713 D

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Woodward 8440-1713 D Slope Generator FB Subroutine

8440-1713 D writes subroutines for different functions separately, which are called by the main programme OB1. There are mainly manual (single motor start/stop), automatic (whole machine start/stop of cross-laying machine), linkage control programme (start/stop with front and rear lane equipment), speed control programme, slope generator programme, communication programme, alarm programme, etc.

The 8440-1713 D introduces the speed signal (0~10V) from the front-channel equipment to the PLC through the analogue input module, and after calculation, it outputs the speed to the lower-channel equipment through the analogue output. In the user programme, besides the main programme OB1, OB35 (cycle interrupt), OB80 (time error), OB81 (power supply failure), OB82 (diagnostic interrupt), OB122 (I/O access failure), etc. are also written.

8440-1713 D According to the process requirements, in the manual and automatic mode requires the PLC to give its own speed signal and to have its own acceleration and deceleration time, which requires a ramp generator program. By writing the ramp generator FB subroutine and calling it by OB35, it achieves a slow start and stop by raising the speed to the set value or lowering it from the set value to zero in a fixed period of time (e.g., 50 seconds), to avoid a machinery and equipment to avoid impact.