Woodward 9907-162 Control System Software


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Woodward 9907-162 Control System Software

9907-162 Features:

① standardisation and modularity, the entire servo drive structure is compact, can change the internal module to achieve different control functions, according to different uses to choose the appropriate feedback (rotary, absolute or sine-cosine and so on feedback card and the corresponding servo motor).

② PROFIBUS-DP, DEVICE NET, CAN, RS485 and other ways of communication and networking.

③ through the PC software for motor parameter setting, adjusting its PID parameters, so that the servo motor in different conditions to meet different user needs, but also through the PC to set its communication parameters, routine use can take the process channel settings and read speed, the specified special parameters by the process channel can not be realised by the change must be adjusted through the parameter channel.

9907-162 is a programming software for S7-300 and S7-400 PLC, its programming language is very rich, mainly LAD (ladder diagram), STL (statement table), FBD (function block diagram) and so on. It makes the programming of the control program greatly simplified, in addition to the preparation of the S7-300 programme block, you can also set a variety of parameters online monitoring, query faults and so on.

9907-162 hardware configuration, KEB servo drive as a slave, hanging in the CPU314C-2DP DP port, the human-machine interface PLC automatic recognition, without configuration. Set the communication parameters with KEB servo drive in the hardware configuration, and set the parameter channel to adjust the special parameters if necessary. Write PLC program, the control program of this system adopts modular programming ideas, mainly using ladder diagrams to carry out the preparation of the program, the different control functions with different program function blocks to achieve, it makes the program readability, portability, easy to maintain greatly strengthened.