XVS-440-10MP1-1-10 System redundancy function


Technical Parameters

◆ Temperature: -25℃~+75℃;

◆ Volume: 63mm×43mm×15 mm (without antenna holder); Weight: 51g;

◆ Interconnection model: JZ88 series products;

◆ Standard antenna: SMA thick whip or small suction cup antenna.

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XVS-440-10MP1-1-10 System redundancy function

XVS-440-10MP1-1-10 has the functions of self-perception, reproduction operation, data linkage warning, fault simulation exercise, etc., which can quickly find and solve the control system faults that occur in the production process, guarantee the safe production and operation of the enterprise, and really reduce the production operation and maintenance costs for the enterprise, and improve the production efficiency.

XVS-440-10MP1-1-10 data linkage, can achieve automatic interaction of two- and three-dimensional data, all-round three-dimensional display of the production process, assisting engineers to quickly master the structure of the control system, intuitive interpretation of the real control system data signals, support for system redundancy, in real-time interaction with the field DCS and stimulation of the simulation system on the basis of the sharing of the data flow, to truly achieve the integration of the DCS system with the DCS system. DCS system into one, can truly reproduce the DCS system of self-diagnosis and protection, early warning function, can be the control station for the system level, module level, channel level fault simulation and early warning, with the ability to assist the production staff to develop anti-accident measures for the safe production of the enterprise.