YOKOGAWA CP451-10 PC Control Systems


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YOKOGAWA CP451-10 PC Control Systems

The CP451-10 is a powerful PLC for medium and high performance control; the solution meets the requirements of the most complex tasks; functionally graded CPUs and a wide range of templates always find the best solution for their automation tasks; the implementation of distributed systems and the expansion of communication capabilities are very easy, the composition of the system is flexible and free of user-friendliness, easy to operate, fan-free design with the expansion of applications, the system expansion without any problems. With the expansion of the application, the system can be expanded without any problems.

Programming and engineering tools for the CP451-10 Programming and engineering tools include all the tools required for programming, configuration, simulation and maintenance of PLC or PC-based controls.The STEP 7 standard package SIMATIC S7 is a project management tool for configuration programming and maintenance of S7-300/400, C7 PLCs and SIMATIC WinAC PC-based controls. tools, and STEP 7-Micro/WIN is programming, on-line simulation software for S7-200 series PLCs running on the Windows platform.

The PC-based control system CP451-10 allows the use of a personal computer as a programmable logic controller (PLC) to run the user’s programmes on a SIMATIC industrial control machine or any other commercial machine with the Windows NT4.0 operating system installed.WinAC offers two types of PLCs, one is a software PLC, which is run as a Windows task on the user’s computer. The other is a slot PLC (a PC card installed on the user’s computer), which has all the functions of a hardware PLC.WinAC is fully compatible with SIMATIC S7 series processors, and its programming adopts the unified SIMATIC programming tools (e.g. STEP 7), so that the programmed programs can be run on both WinAC and S7 series processors.