ZYGO 8070-0279-01 Process Control Network

ZYGO 8070-0279-01

Adopts high-performance industrial-grade processor

Adopt high-performance industrial-grade wireless module

4G full network communication (Unicom, Telecom, Mobile)

Support low power consumption mode

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ZYGO 8070-0279-01 Process Control Network

The ZYGO 8070-0279-01 system consists of control nodes (including control stations and communication interfaces on the process control network connected to heterogeneous systems, etc.), operation nodes (including engineer stations, operator stations, configuration servers (master engineer stations), data servers, and other human-operator interface stations connected to the process information network and the process control network), and the system network (including I/O buses, process control networks, process information networks, enterprise management networks, etc.). (including I/O bus, process control network, process information network, enterprise management network, etc.).

The ZYGO 8070-0279-01’s expansion I/O bus and local I/O bus are the control station’s internal communication network. The extended I/O bus connects the controller and various communication interface modules (such as I/O connection module, PROFIBUS communication module, serial communication module, etc.), and the local I/O bus connects the controller and I/O module, or connects the I/O connection module and I/O module. Both the expansion I/O bus and the local I/O bus are redundantly configured.